Clash Royale, the top leading strategy game available on mobiles phones, has been officially hacked. ClashersNova group was able to find a way access the SuperCell database and edit account progresses without leaving any trace behind! Amazing right? ClashersNova has decided to share this with the community and allow everyone to benefit from this feauture. Guess what? it's 100% FREE! 

Unlimited Elixir

So you dropped a Golemn for 8 elixir? Too bad you now have to wait patiently to refill... Or not! With the ClashersNova hack, you may choose to enjoy unlimited elixir during gameplay. This way, you wil definitely never lose a game again. However, try not to use this very frequently as it may eventally get your account detected. For example, enable this feauture for only 1 hour maximum a day for maximum security and safety of your account.




Unlimited Gems

Gems are basically the main driver for your account. With unlimited gems, you can reach whole new levels within your gameplay. You will have access to unlimited gold, unlimited chests, and unlimited tournamets and challenges entries! This is the best feauture provided to make you succeed and reach higher levels.




Unlimited Gold

The amazing feauture provided by ClashersNova to unlimit your gems simply gives us a reason to not use a gold generator. Because what's the point if you already have unlimited gems right? Head over to the shop in-game and buy as many gold as you want!




The ClashersNova Clash Royale hack is fully compatible with both iOS and Android platforms. You can utilize the cheat to gain unlimited resources with your iPad, Android tablet or perhaps phone, iPhone and different supported devices. The tool works like no bodies business without demanding any professional skills to work with it. Any casual gamer can just download the program from our website, run it on their desired platform and obtain all provided feautures with no restrictions. If winning is the best ultimate goal, the ClashersNova Clash Royale hack is what you require. The cheats are directly implemented in the game made possible with the working hack that make the strategy game more interesting to play and also to win tough opposition without paying real money. Download yours now and start dominating!





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